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Hecho Tequila Soda Tasting

The folks at Hecho are tequila lovers and their go-to has always been Tequila blanco 100%, soda water and lime. A Tequila Soda will always only be just three ingredients away, but who wants the chore of mixing cocktails when you’re with amigos, so they created “Hecho”, the classic cocktail with the informal convenience that session beer provides, while also delivering on taste and authenticity. Their tequila soda contains their own custom blended Tequila Blanco 100% agave, and is mixed and carbonated together with filtered water and a touch of natural lime flavor.  96 calories, gluten free, and no added sweeteners makes them one of the cleanest canned cocktails in the world, and unlike other ready to drink options, they use only 100% blue agave tequila (no malt, neutral grains, or mixto tequila).  Hecho is extremely versatile and can be consumed right out of the can or made into your own custom cocktail like a margarita, paloma or mimosa.  Hecho is made for tequila lovers by tequila lovers.