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Day Chaser Tasting

Day Chaser is a ready-to-drink spirit-based canned cocktail with real fruit juice and sparkling water. This easy drinking beverage is perfect for those living an active lifestyle full of adventure.

BRLO Beer Tasting

BRLO's original two types of beer, Helles and Pale Ale, have now become eight: Starting with the Helles, through the Pale Ale to the Happy Pils, German IPA, Porter and the non-alcoholic Naked to original Berliner Weisse and the latest addition - their West Coast IPA. Most varieties are even available in handy 4-packs since this year. The BRLO can Core Range has been available since 2020 and includes the Hazy IPA Blurry Vision, Berliner Weisse with strawberries - Berlin Jam as well as the non-alcoholic Naked and the popular Happy Pils. In 2021, BRLO has expanded the product line again, offering BIO certified cider in three varieties: Classic Apple, Rosé, Wild Berries. (DE-ÖKO-070). 2021 new addition is also their 2nd non-alcoholic beer: BRLO ZERO.5. Sustainably brewed with no longer saleable bread from the Berlin organic bakery Zeit für Brot. In addition, specials and collab brews with friendly breweries, artists, musicians and creative people join again and again.

Starward Whiskey Tasting

Starward Whiskey's distillery is nestled in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. Not the outback. Or a sunshine-soaked beach. Melbourne is a bustling city that celebrates unique cuisines and cultures. Here, they ditch the airs and graces and focus on flavor instead. That's why they use red wine barrels to mature their whisky. They source all their whisky ingredients from just a day's drive away. Then, in the wildly varied Melbourne weather, their whisky draws out its signature fruity, delicious flavor in just three short years. They call this elemental maturation and it's why they couldn't make their whisky anywhere else. Their Melburnian founder, David Vitale, grew up in a big Italian family. He was born and raised around a food-obsessed, flavor-forward dinner table. And he knows their whisky feels right at home at those moments spent enjoying a meal with others. Raise a few eyebrows and bring a bottle to a BBQ. Pour it with tonic and watch jaws go to the floor. It's an eye-opening business, this new world of whisky drinking.