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Day Chaser Tasting

Day Chaser is a ready-to-drink spirit-based canned cocktail with real fruit juice and sparkling water. This easy drinking beverage is perfect for those living an active lifestyle full of adventure.


Desert Door Tasting

Origin Story Desert Door Texas Sotol was born in the West Texas desert, where their founders first encountered the Sotol plant. Hundreds of years ago, this spiky desert succulent was used by Indigenous tribes for everything from tools and food to fermented drink. Wild Harvested “Sotol” is both the name of their spirit and the plant they make it from. They wild-harvest all their sotol on ranches across Texas; they don’t farm or cultivate any of their sotol stock. Wild-harvesting is a much more sustainable practice than monocropping and helps conserve valuable resources such as land and water. Tasting Notes While it’s not an agave spirit, our Desert Door Original is a lot like a premium tequila on the nose, with bright notes of vanilla and green grass. But here the similarities end. Tasting reveals flavors like toffee, mint, and orange zest. The finish is custard-smooth - smoother than tequila - with subtle hints of sage.