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Unity Vibrations Kombucha

UNITY VIBRATION WAS THE ORIGINAL HARD KOMBUCHA BACK IN 2011! Our delicious Kombucha Beers offer functional wellness benefits, plant-based adaptogens, Natural Probiotics and are truly a better-for-you alcoholic libation! They are a marriage of our 30-day brewed Kombucha, organic dried hops and either organic raw ginger root, organic fresh raspberries, organic peaches, or three types of hops, juniper and grapefruit rind. All aged and open-air-fermented on oak and then bottle/can/keg conditioned. The combination creates exquisite flavors that have depth and complexity as well as healthy nutrients! Like our organic Kombucha, it is LIVING, made with Organic / Fair Trade ingredients, GLUTEN-FREE, Vegan certified, and Kosher. Come give it a try.


Standard Proof Whiskey Tasting

Standard Proof Whiskey Co. was born behind the bar in Nashville, TN. Their whiskey infusions began as a well-kept secret created by bartenders to share with friends and frequent bar patrons. Aged in new American oak barrels and bottled at 80proof, their quality rye whiskey is carefully infused with only the finest natural ingredients.

Rattle & Snap

Rattle and Snap – the forgotten Southern game of chance. More than a few fortunes were won and lost on this risky Southern diversion. So, when it comes to making whiskey, when it comes to taking risks, and when it comes to boldly doing things our own way, you could say we were born into it.


Angel’s Envy Tasting

ANGEL’S ENVY is what happens when 200 years of bourbon tradition meet an independent master craftsman’s instinct to improve. It’s a total return to the art of craft-first, hand blended batches of 8 to 12 barrels at a time. We personally taste every barrel throughout each step of the aging process to ensure that the spirits meet our perfectionist standards. This would be enough for any other premium bourbon, but we think you deserve more. That’s why we finish every one of our whiskeys in hand-selected finishing barrels. For an added layer of flavor and complexity, our bourbon and special cask strength are finished in ruby port casks, and our rye is finished in rum barrels. There’s no set time for this process.


Hecho Tequila Soda Tasting

The folks at Hecho love tequila and their go-to has always been Tequila blanco 100%, soda water and lime. A Tequila Soda will always only be just three ingredients away.  Who wants the chore of mixing cocktails when you’re with amigos?  That's why they created “Hecho”, the classic cocktail with the convenience that beer provides, while also delivering on taste and authenticity. Their tequila soda contains their own custom blended Tequila Blanco 100% agave, carbonated with filtered water and finished with a touch of natural lime flavor.  96 calories, gluten free, and no added sweeteners makes them one of the cleanest canned cocktails in the world.  Unlike other ready to drink options, they only use 100% blue agave tequila (no malt, neutral grains, or mixto tequila).  Hecho is extremely versatile and can be consumed right out of the can or made into your own custom cocktail like a margarita, paloma or mimosa.  They made Hecho for tequila lovers by tequila lovers.


Lo Siento Tasting

For the unapologetic spirit. They make the world’s best tequila at an attainable price point for the modern consumer. Lo Siento is crafted through generations of tradition, passion and knowledge of agave.


Black Sheep Tequila Tasting

Black Sheep Tequila is a new generation of additive free tequila that shares six exclusive styles with the oldest released tequila with a line of six artisanal, handcrafted luxury tequilas. Labor-Intensive, Old-World Handcrafted Process Produces a Single Estate Small-Batch Line of Tequilas for Perfect Flavor and Balance. No Salt, No Lime Required, a True Flyte. They cultivate highland blue weber agave that requires seven to ten years to reach full maturity under the brilliant sunshine of Los Altos de Jalisco. As done in the old-world approach, their approach to its preparation uses slow fermentation, special filtration of the juice of the properly selected, slow baked and 100% aged Blue Weber highland agave. Black Sheep’s distinctive taste and aromatic profile is due to the handcrafted and organic process, which provides a new meaning to premium category. Reshaping the pallet and perspective of the United States tequila market from party shots to an enjoyable affluent beverage of choice, this black sheep goes against the grain, providing education, better ingredients, and a superior product.

Sake Bomb

SakeBomb Not another vodka soda 1G Sugar. 2G Carbs. 90 cals. Come try a delicous take on an old favorite.

Uncle Nearest Whiskey Tasting

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey honors the world’s first-known African American master distiller, Nearest Green. The brand is the fastest growing American whiskey in US history, and the portfolio is the Most Awarded American Whiskey or Bourbon of 2019, 2020 and 2021. Our four ultra-premium whiskeys have garnered over 450 awards and accolades since the brand’s 2017 launch, with 54 Best in Class honors, including: Spirit Brand of the Year from Wine Enthusiast, two Chairman’s Trophies from Ultimate Spirits Challenge, back-to-back Master Blender of the Year awards from Whisky Magazine, Whisky of the Year from USA Spirits Ratings, and back-to-back honors of “World’s Best” at the 2019 and 2020 World Whiskies Awards. Uncle Nearest is currently available in all 50 states and 12 countries, and is sold in more than 25,000 stores, bars, hotels, restaurants, as well as at its 432-acre distillery in Shelbyville, Tenn., dubbed as “Malt Disney World.”


Day Chaser Tasting

Day Chaser is a ready-to-drink spirit-based canned cocktail with real fruit juice and sparkling water. This easy drinking beverage is perfect for those living an active lifestyle full of adventure.


Siempre Tequila Tasting

Siempre is the rose that grew from adversity. The dead and alive flowers in the hand-drawn label represent beauty born from struggle. We remember to celebrate good times, bad ones, and everything in between - because it’s all part of what makes us who we are. Siempre works with some of the finest distilleries in Jalisco, Mexico. Each of our tequilas is designed based on the unique characteristics they all possess. This includes terroir, water, equipment, techniques, and the master distillers. We don't cut corners and use honest methods to produce our products. From our Siempre Plata to Exclusivo - from start to finish, attention to detail is the key to our award-winning spirits. We tell people you probably shouldn't cook ribs in the microwave.