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NUTRL Cocktails

Vodka. Seltzer. Real Juice. Refreshingly simple, tasty, and uncomplicated. NUTRL is gluten free with natural flavors, no added sugar, and just 100 calories. Available in both fruit variety and lemonade flavors. Best served chilled.

3 Floyds Brewing

From our humble beginnings in 1996—armed with only a few hundred dollars, a five-barrel Frankenstein wok-burner-fired brew kettle, repurposed open Swiss cheese fermenters (Hammond Squares) and an old Canfield’s Cola tank—”It’s Not Normal” ales and lagers were born. There’s a great number of craft breweries worldwide and thankfully more opening almost daily. Even while utilizing only the four main ingredients, these breweries make an astonishingly wide variety of ales and lagers, all with a unique house flavor. Three Floyds is no different. Even with the wide variety of styles we brew, our ales and lagers will always taste like Three Floyds. Using sound techniques, the finest ingredients and innovation, we strive to make the best and most memorable beers—always setting themselves apart.

KickStand Cocktails

High quality spirits, extra clean ingredients and the perfect kick of spice to keep your palate constantly begging for that next sip. The world spoke, and we listened. People are tired of the same old canned beverages with the same old flavors. They want, and deserve, something more. Say hello to KickStand, the world’s first canned beverage dedicated solely to creating perfectly balanced, totally crushable spiced cocktails. We're excited to launch this brand on Saturday August 6th!